Update on the Morton collection

For updates on the Museum’s work towards the repatriation and burial of the Morton Collection, please refer to this page.

The following resources relate to the Morton Cranial Collection.

Expedition Magazine Articles

The Samuel George Morton Cranial Collection

Tangled Afterlives

The Curious Cabinet of Dr.Morton

A Historical Osteobiography of the African Crania in the Morton Collection

The Morton Collection and NAGPRA

Public Classroom

The Public Classroom @ Penn Museum: Science and Race: History, Use and Abuse

“When Museums Tackle Tough Subjects”

“Year of Proof” Exhibition

The Making and Unmaking of Race

Making and Unmaking Race: Morton Collection of Human Crania in the Spotlight at Penn Museum

YouTube Videos

“The Morton Collection of Human Skulls at the Penn Museum”

“Crania Americana”

CAAM 190 Classroom

Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials

Institutions with Archival Material Relevant to Morton

American Philosophical Society, Samuel George Morton Papers

Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Samuel George Morton Papers

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Samuel George Morton Papers

Princeton University Libraries

Other Craniologists

Peter Camper Online, Miriam Claude Meijer

Blumenbach Online, Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, Germany